lot of people will look forward to travel back home to see their family now that summer is here. The holiday period gives many the chances to visit family or friends that they do not see very often and they are likely to be away from their homes for possibly several nights.


For landlords with tenants who are leaving houses unoccupied for quite a while, the same fears can often rise. While they are packing their bags and are fully preoccupied by thoughts of the holiday, it is sensible to issue them with some kind reminders to ensure that the property is in the same condition when they return.


For that reason, you will find below Mr landlord some perfect tips to ensure the safety and security of your property. First of all, the tenant should have made you aware that they were planning to leave the house unoccupied if that is mentioned in the tenancy agreement. And if it isn’t, this is definitely something you should consider next time round.


1. Clearing out fridges and freezers and ensuring that all electronic devices are turned off are tips that should be considered first.


2. Before leaving the property it is essential that the tenant sets the alarm properly and it is also advisable to have a contact plan in place with a neighbour and the tenant in case the alarm does go off. If the system uses sensors in the rooms, be sure to check that these are working and replace the batteries if required.


3. Something that might be too recent a phenomenon for your tenant to take into consideration is the amount of information they share on social networking sites. It has become too common to see Facebook and Twitter posts that detail the presents a person has receive and using the sites to notify the public that you are going away for a period of time provides the perfect opportunity for thieves to strike. So beware! Be responsible on how to use social networking sites.


4. Finally, make sure you have the correct insurance just in case the worst does happen and there is a fire, flood or break-in at your property.