The holy month of Ramadan changes the usual rhythm of life. Therefore, you can set up a special Ramadan decor table, to break the fast, in a way reflecting the authenticity and generosity of this holy month.

The Ramadan table would not be complete without putting the Holy Quran in a prominent place, along with a number of bukhoor to give the house a fragrant perfume. As the month of Ramadan is before everything a month of worship and prayer.

As for the Ramadan table decor, beauty lies in the simplicity of the decor. Use a brick colour, the colour of the sand same as our Arabian desert, and cover table with a new sheet sprinkled with golden stones, to look like a piece of desert reminding us of the emergence of the Holy Islam and the Prophet (PBUH).

Lanterns also play a prominent role in this area, as they originally symbolize a Musaharati, (a man holding a drum to wake up Muslims for Suhoor ie. breakfast during Ramadan), which he was carrying in his night tour to alert the sleeping-to-date fast, and you can choose a brick-and-white. You can put your lantern is lit in the centre of the table.

There is a place for the prayer beads to be put on this table. Do not forget to put beautiful and colourful flowers. Choose colours that are consistent with the decor.