According to the density of the wall and the weight of the picture you’d like to hang on it, you should pick the tools you need to decorate your house with pictures.

What you need to hang a picture

– Picture hooks, singles, doubles or trebles

– Hard wall hooks

– Hammer

– Drill

– Raw plugs

– Screws

The height of the picture

This is crucial when it comes to the visibility of your picture and the overall appearance of your room. Don’t hang your pictures too high or else you’d have to strain your necks to see them but don’t hang them too low or else you’ll look down on them. Locate the centre of your picture 5 feet high from the ground as a general rule.

Picture inclination

To ensure you are hanging your pictures straight, there are three common methods:

– use a spirit level

– look at the picture from distance

– use two wall hooks to hang the picture

Make a good decision about locating the pictures

It is very important to know what type of pictures to choose and where to hang them. For example, pastel-coloured images fit greatly inside a bedroom but you need dark and serious pictures for the dining room. If you’d like to hang an oil painting, fix the focal point in your room to give it its right value. Although hallways are suitable to hold many small prints, a large painting on the staircase has a beautiful visual impact. Let your pictures breathe, don’t put large pictures in small spaces because it’s not comfortable for the eye and don’t put small paintings in large spaces because that lessens their values.