Meetings and visits are wonderful in Ramadan, the month of loving, communicating and giving, in the month of Ramadan iftars and evenings scented with faith! Below our top tips for hospitality to welcome visitors properly.

Step One – Invite your guests at least a week before. If the invitation is for family members, then it is enough to do it over the phone, but if the invitation is semi-official, it is better to make it via a card.

Step Two – Finish the preparation of the table 10 minutes before the time of your invitation, until you are ready to receive guests, then do not leave them to prepare food or wash the dishes.

Step Three – you can inform your guests of the main dish before they come or just ask them about their favorite meals, for example.

Step Four – the invitation must be thought of from all aspects, even with regards to food, as you need to serve your guests with various options of dishes, and make sure to make sufficient quantities of food for the number of guests. But avoid putting a lot of food at the same time.

Step Five – It is necessary that you look after your guests, but be careful not to insist and insist on them eating more food. Just give them a break.

Step Six – If one guests asks you what shall he bring with him, you can request a certain kind of sweets.