Summer begins towards the middle of June and the days are warmer and filled with the colour and scent of flowers. Salad crops can be harvested this month and strawberries appear in abundance. June is the time to really enjoy the garden as the long, warm days and light evenings provide more time for leisure and relaxation.

June is classically the month of the rose but many other shrubs, flowers and plants will be giving of their best.

However, it is not all easy going this month, weeds will need constant hoeing and removal, especially around the vegetable garden, flower beds, fruit bushes and shrubbery. Keep watering newly-planted, young and particularly thirsty plants, such as salad vegetables, tomatoes and dahlias.

Conditions in the greenhouse can quickly become tropical on sunny days, so keep it well ventilated and apply shading paint or put up screens if not already done. Also dowse the greenhouse ground/path with water regularly to keep moisture levels up.

June is the perfect time to taking many types of cuttings, which is a light and enjoyable task and provides the welcome benefit of providing many new flowers, plants and shrubs for free, so can be very rewarding.

All manner of pests, insects and birds will be after ripening fruit and succulent, young growth, in both the vegetable and ornamental garden, so your skills in outwitting them will certainly be tested this month.