Two long awaited personalised UK registration numbers MOI4 MED and SH14 YKH, most faithfully representing, respectively, the name “Mohamed” and the highly respected title “Shaykh” are to be auctioned next week.


With the increase in visitors from the Middle East to the UK, many securing permanent residence, it is expected that both registrations will be of intense interest. Prior to their release by the DLVA, these registrations were very popular with a ferocious tussle to secure them.


MOI4 MED is actually the most accurate way of representing the name Mohamed as a UK registration. Similarly, for SH14 YKH. This adds to the perceived value of these exclusive registrations.


There is a notable and growing awareness of these distinctive registrations amongst number plate enthusiasts. This comes as no surprise since very few vehicle registrations so accurately represent a name or a word.


In addition to those who seek a personalised number plate, perhaps the other most interested group are the savvy investors. Indeed, many business minded individuals have purchased prestige registrations over the years, several of which have made profitable, even spectacular, returns. MO14 MED and SH14 YKH are two such registrations that are no exception.


The online auctions will be held next week (21st June for MO14 MED and 28th June for SH14 YKH). For further details or to register as a bidder, please visit the dedicated web page or call +44 1908 640483.