108 Medical Chambers at 108 Harley Street London was we believe the first independent Consultant led clinic in the UK when it was established in 1991 by Mr Jerry Gilmore.

Over the years, 108 Medical Chambers has evolved as an increasing number of prominent consultants have joined the teams as the traditional role of the General Surgeon was replaced by super-specialists.

The Chambers is home to the following specialist clinics providing rapid access to consultant led and delivered care. There is on site imaging or we work with partner centres if more detailed investigations such as MRI are required.

Patients are regularly seen from the Middle East countries who have travelled to London for either first or second opinions. Cultural sensibilities are respected as required and female Consultant Breast Surgeons, Radiologists, Dermatologists and Physiotherapists are available if required.

The London Breast Clinic – integrated breast care for both benign and malignant (cancer) breast problems including onsite imaging with state of the art 3D tomosynthesis mammography. Genetic and family review testing is also available with the new myriad myrisk integrated gene test.

The London Skin Clinic – expert same day consultation and treatment where required for surgery under local anaesthetic for troublesome lesions or diagnosis and treatment of general dermatological conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

The Gilmore Groin and Hernia Clinic – sporting groin problems including many internationals and herniae of all types.

The London Rectal Clinic – expert opinion and treatment of all bowel problems such as haemorrhoids, crohn’s disease, rectal bleeding, pilonidal sinus, and ulcerative colitis.

The London Sports Injury Clinic – cutting edge service specialising in non surgical solutions for sports and orthopaedic injuries together with orthopaedic surgeons expert in both upper limb and foot and ankle. Dr Rogers the Medical Director also has a licence to practice in Qatar and is linked to the ICON clinic in Doha.

The London Thyroid and ENT Clinic – led by Mr Myles Black the pioneer of minimally invasive thyroid surgery. The team are able to look after patients with thyroid conditions including lumps and function problems together with all ear, nose and throat related problems.

More detailed information about all of the clinics and the Consultants providing the care can be found on our website at www.108harleystreet.co.uk

Please do not hesitate to email Hamish Millar, Managing Director, if you have any questions hamish@108harleystreet.co.uk