The darkest of all life dramas is about people retiring, starting finally to enjoy life and fall back in love with it, when sickness and death takes it all away. This is not an inevitable destiny, especially not these days with health awareness access to everyone. It doesn’t take too much to enjoy a healthy work-free days with your loved ones in good health. Take your time to choose your diet wisely and exercise regularly to control your weight and maintain your well-being. 

Eat well

A healthy and balanced diet will protect your bones and heart, lower the risk for certain cancers and diabetes and maintain a healthy digestive system. Eat plenty of wholegrain foods like bread, rice and pasta; these will give you instant energy. Add many vegetables and a fair amount of fruits for vitamins and milk products for stronger bones, teeth and nails. Your diet balance must contain some amount of meat, eggs, poultry, beans and nuts to strengthen your muscles and your blood. Try to include a very small amount of fats and oils that could lead to high cholesterol levels and exhaust your cells. Water is very important during hot weather and although it’s not natural to drink much water during winter, maintains your regular intake. Water cleanses your systems and rejuvenates your organs and skin. Sugar and salt are to avoid, they’re destructive and have devastating and quick effects on your body.

Move well

It is easy to gain weight fast at this age and extra weight is too much to carry and stay both active and healthy. This is why working out is essential for a healthy weight and stronger heart, lungs and bones. A good and active body will lead to a happy mood because sports are known to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. It decreases stress, enhances energy levels and improves the quality of your sleep.

Check your health every once in a while and don’t ignore any annoyance in breathing, moving or during your sleep. If you feel some kind of pain, even the slightest, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor and ask about it.

Take care of yourself, free it from worrying and enjoy a new life free from work while you’re financially independent. Spend more time with your family and yourself. Plan and pursue one of your old dreams and re-invent yourself and your life