The white curse

Dandruff is very annoying, especially when it’s chronic. Nobody likes the snow all year long! However, the biggest treatments could go wrong if you don’t find out the particular detailed real reason in your own personal case. Dandruff flakes are dead skins falling off your red scalp when you scratch your head. Is your scalp itchy or raw? Are you embarrassed to wear dark shirts and reveal your white curse? Find out what you’re dealing with and how to fight it in this article.

Dandruff isn’t a sign of dirty hair, but not washing your hair regularly while having dandruff will cause dead skin cells to accumulate. One of the main reasons for dandruff is hair products, try to change what you’re using and see if that works for you.

Other than your scalp, you can get dandruff in many parts of your body like your forehead, eyebrows, eyelashes, or ears. If the skin on your body is oily or greasy or has a slight redness, that could also be a sign. Talk to your doctor about treatment for you might suffer from seborrheic dermatitis.

Chemical Dandruff Remedies

Make sure the shampoo you buy to get rid of your dandruff contains one of these products:

Ketoconazole: for dandruff caused by fungus;

Salicylic acid: dries your oily skin;

Selenium sulfide: to decrease the speed of dead skin cells build-up and eliminate fungus;

Tar and zinc are also active ingredients.

Natural Dandruff Remedies

If you would like some organic treatments, learn about some researches that support these natural dandruff treatments.

1- Aloe

2- Tea tree oil

3- Lemongrass shampoo

Smarter Shampooing

Follow the directions on the dandruff shampoo label.

1- Use the pads of your fingers and gently rub the shampoo into your scalp;

2- Leave the shampoo on your head for five minutes — or as directed — before you rinse;

3- Rinse the shampoo very well, and then apply normal shampoo and conditioner, if you think they smell better;

4- Use dandruff shampoo just once or twice a week.

Say goodbye to eternal winter once and for all!