Eating out is a huge part of your social activities. Although it’s not recommended, you can always control your choices. Here’s what to check when you purchase food.

Choose Smart Bread

If your meal doesn’t contain bread, it certainly contains some kind of cereal. Choose them wisely.

• Get two regular slices of pan bread instead of deli bread.

• Choose Wholegrain bread, granary bread, pita bread or tortilla wraps over rolls and baguettes.

Choose Light Sandwiches

Don’t underestimate the contents of your sandwich, they are what make you healthy or not.

• ‘low-fat’, ‘low-calorie’ and ‘healthy option’ sandwiches are better than regular options.

• Sometimes, some ingredients are hidden in your sandwich. Make sure you check the label for the calorie, fat and salt contents so you protect your body from heavy amounts of these.

• Lean meat, poultry or fish, plenty of salad vegetables and a tablespoon of low-fat dressing is the best combination you can order in a sandwich.

• Choose Low-fat dressing, low-fat spread, low-fat mayonnaise, mustard or ketchup

• Order Extra salad for fibre.

• For desert, a fruit or a low-fat yoghurt are the best choices to finish your meal in complete and conscious satisfaction

Proper meat

Protein is the main ingredient in every meal. It is what fulfils you most and satisfy your instincts too. Protein often comes along with fat; choose the right way to eat meat with less fat as much as possible.

• Ask to remove the skin of chicken and turkey

• Roast beef are the best choices for red meat

• Don’t add mayonnaise to Tuna, prawn, salmon or crab meat

• Low-fat cheese or cottage cheese are preferable among other cheeses


You may take salads for granted and consider them as healthy fat-free meals no matter what they contain. As the matter of fact, salads could contain as much calories as a sandwich sometimes. Choose your salad options wisely.

• Tomato-based salads are the healthiest choice for calories count and fat and salt contents

• Pick Low-fat coleslaw, low-fat hummus, salsa or yoghurt dips with freshly cut vegetables

• Wholegrain Pasta or rice with salad are more fulfilling and healthier than most sandwiches