Energy is a must for every human being and for that you need to eat, and what you eat really matters. Some foods are good for energy, others are sure to keep fatigue at bay all day long—like high-fibre quinoa. Here are some other foods often cited as energy boosters.

Chia seeds

The mix of protein, fat, carbohydrates, iron and fibre make these seeds a smart addition to an all-around healthy (and invigorating) diet.


Antioxidant-rich acai berries (and juice) may indirectly assist with the body’s energy needs by protecting cells from free-radical damage.

Coconut water

Those liquid calories can add up, and the sugar could lead to pep-draining fluctuations in blood sugar. Bottom line, say experts: Plain water is better.

Beet juice

Its rich stores of nitrates improve blood flow and reduce the oxygen needed by muscles during physical activity. Research from England found that athletes who drank beet juice were able to exercise 16% longer.