The Holy month of Ramadan happens to fall in the summer and this means that the fasting hours are longer. But you can keep your energy for a longer period during the day if you follow our useful tips. While fasting, the body depends on the glucose intake, provided from your Suhoor meal, to gain its energy. But that meal can only provide energy for a few hours. The body is then forced to rely on sugary and fatty substances stored in body tissues. And when you break your fast, you regain calories and nutrients which give you more strength and energy for the day.

Tips for Suhoor

It is important to pay attention to the food you are eating for suhoor as they can have a big impact on turning your fast into an enjoyable and beneficial period in the year. Suhoor is so important as it prevents you from feeling hungry and allows you to handle the long hours without eating or drinking.

It is recommended to eat foods that are slowly digested and absorbed and rich in fibres like starch, rice, potatoes, brown bread, whole grains such as bulgur. These foods give you energy for a longer period unlike the foods which are high in sugar and make you feel active and full for a short period only. Whole grains and brown bread are rich in vitamins B, which help your body consume energy from the food you have eaten.

You can also eat foods that contain some proteins with carbohydrates such as yoghurt, cheese (preferably white cheese to reduce the amount of fat), or pulses (beans, chickpeas) which make you feel full for a longer period.

Tips for Iftar

To compensate for losing energy, fluids and nutrients, start breaking your fast with a few grains of dates, natural juice, and one bowl of soup. Dates, juice and soups are good sources of carbohydrates, which help raise the level of sugar in the blood after falling during the day. Fluids such as water, juice, and soup compensate the body for the water it has lost during the day.

To have a better energy, it is important to maintain a balanced meal; that contains carbohydrates, proteins from meat, pulses, vegetables and fruits.

Ramadan Mubarak!