We are delighted to introduce you to Dr James Mackay, Consultant Genetic Oncologist, member of the team at 108 Medical Chambers at 108 Harley Street.

What is your speciality?

I am a Consultant Genetic Oncologist and I talk to cancer patients and their relatives about the advantages and disadvantages of genetic testing. If a patient wants a genetic test I arrange for a blood sample to be sent to the Myriad Genetic Laboratories in Munich, Germany, and then I explain the result of the test to the patient.

Where are you based?

I am based at The London Breast Clinic in 108 Harley Street, and also work as a clinical academic at University College London. I have worked exclusively in the private sector since 2006. Previously I was in the North East Thames NHS Regional Genetics Service based at Great Ormond Street NHS Trust.

What is your availability?

I hold regular clinics on Monday morning, Wednesday afternoon and Friday afternoon. I can be flexible and can see patients on most days to suit them. There is no waiting list to see me.

What is your experience of Arab patients?

I have extensive experience of looking after patients from the Middle East and have given lectures in many countries. I have a regular collaboration with colleagues in Dubai, and have recently set up a remote cancer genetics service, using Skype technology to speak to patients face to face which seems very popular with patients.

How successful are the treatments?

There have been major developments in the laboratory techniques for genetic testing. In collaboration with our genetic testing partner, Myriad Genetics Ltd, we in the London Breast Clinic are able to offer our patients the very best tests available globally. We have recently introduced a new comprehensive inherited cancer gene test which looks at 25 different genes on a single blood sample, including the well known BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. This is the most sophisticated inherited gene test available in the world, and we were one of the first centres globally to offer this test to our patients.

Any advice?

The most important issue when considering genetic testing is to be seen by a specialist genetic expert who can explain the test and the clinical implications in a clear and understandable way. That genetic specialist relies on an extensive team of colleagues with expertise in many different areas of healthcare, as we have in The London Breast Clinic.