We are delighted to introduce you to members of the team at 108 Medical Chambers team at 108 Harley Street, Dr William Teh, Radiology Director of The London Breast Clinic.

What is your speciality?

I am a Consultant Radiologist with a special interest in breast disease. I undertake imaging and interventional procedures on patients. I am also the most experienced MRI breast interventionist in the UK.

Where are you based?

I am the Radiology Director at The London Breast Clinic. I am also the Director of Screening at North London Breast Screening and Clinical Director of Cancer Services at Northwick Park Hospital.

What is your availability?

I usually undertake procedures at The London Breast Clinic on a Friday morning. Other imaging and referrals can be reviewed remotely using online technology. My fellow colleagues are also available 5 days a week.

What is your experience of Arab patients?

I have extensive experience in managing Arabic patients and have a well established referral practice both within and outside the Clinic. I have also received referrals directly from the Middle East for MRI guided vacuum biopsies.

How successful are the treatments?

As a radiologist, I work with the multi-disciplinary to ensure that we offer the best imaging opinion in order to guide the appropriate management of each and individual patient. We have full access to equipment and expertise and the complete range of minimally invasive procedures is available including the first tomosynthesis (3D) guided vacuum assisted biopsy in the UK.

Any advice?

Breast awareness is key and there should be no hesitation in seeking professional advice. Breast screening should also be tailored according to individual risks.