It is about time to admit the failure of the word diet. You should stop the great unnatural efforts that affect your health, your metabolism and your mood. I know you’re dreaming of dramatic transformations in your body, but nature is the kingdom of patience that spits everything not supporting her ways. Let’s start from the beginning, once and for all. You would like to change your body, understand it and love it first. Now that you’re emotionally stable, you can plan your practical steps, little and firm steps. Start with the first step; choose your food wisely, then the second, find a pattern and type of exercise that you could live happily ever after with and finally the last step, make them your habit.

Step one: wise food

Choose well-being over satisfaction and you’ll become constantly self-satisfied instead of instantly pleased and then depressed for a day or two.

Replace white bread and skinned rice with wholegrain breads and cereals

Replace sugar with fructose, instead of a chocolate bar that will stay in your belly as fat forever, choose a fruit salad that will keep your metabolism active and help you burn more calories. Sugar is addictive and wearies your cells, limit its consumption and stay in control.

Drink water. Not only does it fill your stomach, it revives all your body systems and gives you a fresh skin. You can consume water in the form of tea, milk or fresh juice, but avoid stupid drinks like soda and manufactured shakes etc.

Don’t eat until you feel heavy, protect your digestive system and it will work for your own benefit.

Step two: move

Your body knows, listen to it. Choose what you feel like doing for an exercise or else you won’t be able to commit to it. I know you’re overloaded, but everybody can find time for his body, after all, you are a full existence when your body is balanced.

Artistic exercise: dance

Heavy exercise: run

Useful exercise: clean your house

Friendly exercise: walk your dog or anyone’s dog!

Panoramic exercise: ride your bike

Step three and finally: 

Make step 1 and 2 your habits.