Definition of Osteoporosis:

Osteoporosis is a disease that makes your bones become very fragile and more likely to break.

The ‘peak bone mass’ is reached during childhood and until the mid-twenties due to the calcium stored in that period. Beyond this age the amount of bone loss from the skeleton becomes greater than the amount of bone rebuilt and bones begin to lose density. This is a natural part of aging.

With age, the ‘peak bone mass’ reached will decrease and if it’s too great, then your body develops osteoporosis and your bones become prone to breaks and fractures even after a minor bump or fall. Other than constant pain, this would lead to other problems for example; a fractured hip needs frequent hospitalization and major surgery and may lead to the loss of independence. Factأخرى أيضاًors that increase the risk of osteoporosis:

• Aging

• Hereditary factor

• Being a woman, especially after menopause

How to protect yourself from osteoporosis:

• Maintain a healthy balanced diet rich in dairy foods to take enough amounts of calcium.

• Expose yourself to sunlight:  This will make sure you benefit from your entire vitamin D intake, crucial for your body to absorb the calcium present in the diet.

You can also find Vitamin D in eggs and fish.

• Exercise: An active lifestyle is one of the best ways to maintain strong bones throughout your life.  ‘Weight bearing exercise’ are recommended especially if you are supporting the weight of your own body by walking, running or playing tennis for example.

• Don’t smoke: Smoking is bad for your overall health but it’s devastating to your bones for cigarettes contain chemicals that can damage bone cells and make it harder to absorb calcium.

Do you need supplements?

Sometimes, taking all cautions to prevent osteoporosis isn’t enough. Calcium supplements would be necessary to satisfy your dietary needs. On the other hand, taking food supplements does not make up for having a poor diet, however in some cases supplements are recommended. For example, before, during and after pregnancy or after a great loss of blood supplements are crucial.