“The tea break is a great British tradition which provides time to relax with a cuppa in hand,” says June Davison, a cardiac nurse at the British Heart Foundation (BHF). She also adds, “Leaving milk out of your tea is far less likely to help protect your heart health than other measures, such as taking regular exercise, avoiding smoking and eating a healthy balanced diet.” June Davison also doubted the true exactitude of this study, being conducted only on a small group of people.

It seems that milk has effects of vasodilation too, which could annihilate the other effects of tea but Professor  Andrew Steptoe of UVL’S Department of Epidemology and Public Heath doesn’t agree, mentioning that tea has 200 active compound that milk is not proven to affect in the small yet complex study.

On the other hand, Catherine Collins, a dietician and spokesperson for the British Dietetic Society pointed out that drinking tea with milk boosts your calcium intake.


Everybody agrees on tea benefits. The study is not sufficient to stop you from drinking tea with milk, although it opens horizons for studies about the effect of different foods interactions.

Finally, “There are benefits to tea, with or without milk, so keep on drinking!” – Catherine Collins

Other Tea Benefits:

1- Prevents tooth decay

2- Boosts you exercise endurance

3- Protects  you against a large number of cancers

4- Hydrates your body

5- Lowers your risk for Parkinson and other neurological diseases

6- Counteracts the side effects of smoking

7- Keeps  your waist circumference in check

8- Protects you from ultraviolet rays

9- Improves your bone mineral density and strength.