Tea has many benefits on your health. It’s antioxidative, anti-inflammatory and vasodilating.  This can help protect you against cardiovascular diseases by relaxing your arteries and expanding them which keeps your blood pressure healthy.

Although UK people drink tea the most, this doesn’t lower the risk of heart disease among them.


While some of you like their tea all black, others prefer it with some milk added, others meaning 98% of UK tea-drinkers. A little difference in taste, but a lot of benefits to waste! All the tea benefits for the heart are destroyed when milk is added, a new study reveals.

According to European Heart Journal paper, milk contains caseins. These reduce the concentration of catechins in tea, responsible for dilating the blood vessels.

However, some parties reacted strongly to this research as it may reduce the consumption of tea in the UK and therefore eliminate all the other benefits tea can provide. 

Read about the counter theory next week.