Accumulated fat in the body causes concern for everyone who wants to get rid of them to get the body limber and healthy. Since some types of foods are famous for their ability to burn fat, and already prove a higher efficiency than others in this regard, we must include them in the daily diet to take advantage of the benefits.

Here are six types of food:

Whole grains

Where the body burns as twice as the calories that fully decompose foods (especially rich in fibre and brown rice) compared to processed foods.

Low-fat meat

Recent researches found that the body burns about 30% of the calories contained in the food during the digestion process (so the chicken breast that contains 300 calories needs about 90% of the calories for digestion).

Low-fat dairy products

High levels of calcium and vitamin D help to build muscle mass and maintain it, which is essential to keep a healthy diet.

Green Tea

Previously, American studies found that drinking four cups of green tea every day helps rid the body of more than 6 pounds in eight weeks.


A cup of lentils provides 35% of the body’s daily need for iron, which is a good thing, especially since 20% of people suffer from iron deficiency. And the lack of this mineral works to slow down the body’s metabolism, as your body did not get what it needs in order to work efficiently.


Capsaicin (the active component of chilli peppers), heat the human body, which in turn works to melt calories.